Our Services and Activities

The Lions Nursing Home comes under the direct supervision of the Matron who oversees it daily operation. She assisted by a Staff Nurse, Assistant Nurse, Physio Aides, Attendants, Cooks, Clerk and Gardener.

Volunteers' doctors also provide complementary medical care to all those in need through ward rounds and consultantion. They are helped by a physiotherapist who advises on individual requirements for each resident.

The Lions Nursing Home is currently affiliated to the Faculty of Health Science and Medicine of UNIMAS (University of Sarawak) as a teching unit for undergraduate nurse and medical students in geriatrics.


annual_activities_event.jpg Annual Activities Event
annual_dinner.jpg Annual Dinner
birthday_celebration_for_residents.jpg Birthday Celebration for Residents
care_services.jpg Care Services
cash_donations_from_volunteers.jpg Cash Donations from Volunteers
chairman_and_visitor_02.jpg Chairman and Visitor
chairman_helping_resident.jpg Chairman helping Resident
chairman_received_the_product_donation_from_visitor.jpg Donations from Visitor
chairman_with_visitors_01.jpg Chairman with Visitor
cleaning_services_give_by_volunteer_and_leos.jpg Cleaning Services Giving By Volunteers
consultation_services.jpg Consultation Services
daily_physiotherapy.jpg Daily Physiotherapy
dr_kiu_give_medic_consultation.jpg Dr. Kiu giving Medic Consultation Services
give_assistant.jpg Giving Assistant
gromming.jpg Gromming to Resident
hair_cutting_services_giving_by_volunter.jpg Hair Cutting Services by Voluteers
hand_exercises_by_volunteers.jpg Hand Exercises by Volunteers
kitchen.jpg Home Facility: Kitchen
laundering_services.jpg Home Facility: Laundering Services
leo_care_project_01.jpg Leo conducting their care project
leo_care_project.jpgLeo Care Project
leo_helping_in_finger_nail_cutting.jpg Leo Helping Residents
lions_nursing_home_staff_group_photo.jpg Lions Nursing Home Staff Group Photo
lions_nursing_home_s_van_donated_by_volunteers.jpg Lions Nursing Home's Van donated by Volunteers
local_artist_visit_lnh.jpg Visitors
lunch_session.jpg Lunch
lunch.jpg Lunch Time
massage_services_provided_by_volunteer.jpg Massage Services providing by Volunteer
morning_activities.jpg Morning Activities
nursing_staff_give_the_presentation.jpg Nursing Home's Staff giving Presentation
outdoor_activities.jpg Outdoor Activities
patron_and__chairman.jpg Patron and Chairman
patron_and_chairman_giving_goodies_to_residents.jpg Patron and Chairman giving the goodies to Residents
patron_visiting.jpg Patron visit
physiotherapy_01.jpg Physiotherapy
physiotherapy_02.jpg Physiotherapy
physiotherapy_03.jpg Physiotherapy
play_chinese_chess_games.jpg Play Chinese Chess Games with Residents
play_games.jpg Play Games
public_donation.jpg Public Donation
signed_mou_with_unimas_by_chairman.jpg Signing MOU with UNIMAS
staff_at_their_services_desk.jpg Staff at their Services Desk
staff_with_unimas_nursing_students.jpg Staff and Unimas Nursing Students
take_care_during_lunch.jpg Caring
tea_break_session.jpg Tea Break
tea_break_time.jpg Tea Break
training_and_seminar.jpg Training and Seminar at Conference Room
unimas_nursing_student_with_residents.jpg Unimas Nursing Students with Residents
unimas_students.jpg Unimas Nursing Students
visitor_from_government.jpg Visitor from Government
visitor_from_medic_center_with_chairman.jpg Visitor from Medical Group
visitors_from_public.jpg Visitor from Public
visitors_giving_residents_goodies.jpg Visitor giving resident goodies
visitors.jpg Visitors
volunteers_group_photos.jpgVolunteers Group

Lions Nursing Home Kuching: Lot 3476, Block 11, Jalan Stutong Baru, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel: +6082 - 461493 Email: lionsnh.kuching@gmail.com